Thursday, April 7, 2016

9th Grade Students of the Month - Jazmin Taylor and Jordan Harris

Jazmin is the daughter of Valerie Hughes and John Taylor. Her hobbies include listening to music, studying, and watching movies.  Jazmin says her favorite things to do are traveling, listening to music, and shopping. Jazmin says her favorite thing about LHS is the dedication of the teachers.  She says that she wants to graduate as an honor student.  Jazmin plans to go on a road trip following graduation.

Jordan Harris is the son of Barbra Harris and the grandson of Sallie Harris.  His hobbies include cards and card games; however, he says he does not gamble, because he is a gentleman. Jordan says his favorite thing to do is to help others.  His favorite things to do at LHS include writing in Mr. Williams' class and Mr. Womble's Spanish class. Jordan says that one thing he wants to accomplish while at LHS is to become fluent in Spanish.  Jordan's future plans include learning to swim and joining the United States Navy.