Sunday, January 31, 2016

12th Grade Students of the Month - Genesis Love and Antwon Triplett

Genesis Love is the daughter of Angela Love and Brian Thomas, and she is the granddaughter of Fred and Mary Love.  Genesis aspires to become a life counselor.  After graduation, she plans to attend Meridian Community College and major in early childhood development.  She plans to attend a university after completing her associate degree.  Genesis says that what she loves about Louisville High School is the attachment that she has with her teachers.  She says that she would do whatever she is able to help them, and she says that she is thankful for all of her teachers.  She is especially thankful for the teacher that nominated her for student of the month.

Antwon Triplett is the son of Gloria Clay and Anthony Triplett.  Antwon says "I don't expect everyone to like me, but I do believe everyone deserves an even amount of respect, as long as that person is at least respectful back."  Looking toward the future, Antwon thinks he may want to get a degree in philosophy or technology.