Thursday, October 20, 2016

Teacher of the Month - Alicia Cowart

Mrs. Alicia Cowart is the 9th grade Biology I and Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher. She is married to Joe Cowart, and they are the parents of three daughters, Lexi, Cami, and Audrey.

Students of the Month - 12th Grade

Tyler Kincaid, Grace Yarbrough, Alexis Thomas, and Tyrese Shields

Students of the Month - 11th Grade

Sabien Nash, Jadea Shannon, Diana Richardson, and Patrick Smith

Students of the Month - 10th Grade

Michael Edmond, Alexis Tabor, Katlynn Perry, and Kenderius Green.

Students of the Month - 9th Grade

Aaliyah Dorsey, Mercedes Hathorn, William Rockett, and Johnny Wraggs

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Family Center September Events

The Family Center Staff are looking forward to serving you in the 2016-2017 school year.  They are off to a GREAT START! Their first special event will be their " Attendance Workshop". September has been proclaimed as "Attendance Month".  Attendance is vital for your child's success each day!  You are also invited to meet the staff and become familiar with the Family Center during their "Open House". Any questions, please contact them at 773-4018.

September 8, 2016
Family Center
5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
"Attendance Workshop"
Presenter: Mrs. Stacey Spiva

September 15,22 & 29 2016
Family Center
11:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
"Open House"
Presenter: Family Center Staff

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Project Lead The Way

Louisville High School is proud to be partnered with Winston Plywood and Veneer in bringing Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to our students this school year.  The mission of PLTW is to empower students to thrive in an evolving world by providing transformative learning experiences for k-12 students and teachers.  This year, Louisville High School will introduce the engineering pathway in which students will learn problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills,  Students will also practice various forms of communication and collaboration. LHS is excited about the learning opportunities and success that PLTW will offer to our students!  Thank you Winston Plywood and Veneer for your partnership!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

S.L.I.C.E. at LHS!

S.L.I.C.E. is coming to LHS!  Tuesday mornings from 7:15 to  7:50, Tracy Fairley will lead S.L.I.C.E. in room #32.  The organization's motto is "to bring positive encouragement to our school's atmosphere".  All students are encouraged to participate in S.L.I.C.E.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Teacher of the Month - Holly Haimes

Holly Haimes holds a B.S. in Secondary Education in Social Studies and a M.A. in History from Mississippi State University.  She has taught for a total of six years, and the last four years have been spent at LHS.  Ms. Haimes is currently teaching World History, Accelerated World History, and Economics.  She shares that her favorite things to do include learning about history and spending time outdoors with her dogs.  Ms. Haimes says that her favorite things about LHS are her students and the staff.  Ms. Haimes says that she is very proud of this year's graduating class.  She says that as a 7th generation Winston Countian, she wants to help educate the citizens of Winston County.  Ms. Haimes is passionate about education and states that learning is a life-long pursuit that does not end with graduation.  Ms. Haimes is married to Dr. Micah Rueber who teaches history at Mississippi Valley State.

12th Grade Students of the Month - Lauren Lucas and Peyton Ryals

Lauren Lucas is the daughter of Doug and Cindy Lucas.  Her hobbies include cheering, reading, helping kids at Lake Forest Ranch, and hanging out with friends and family.  Her favorite things to do include going to church and inspiring young kids to be the best they can be.  Lauren's favorite thing about LHS is the staff - she says they are nice and helpful. Lauren plans to attend Mississippi State University following graduation in May.

Peyton Ryals is the son of Shonna and Kevin Ryals.  His hobbies include deer hunting, turkey hunting, and duck hunting.  He says that his favorite things to do are hunting, working, riding around, and hanging out with friends.  Peyton's favorite things about LHS include the teachers, environment, and Forestry.  He says that he would like to become a guy that people can look up to.  After graduation, Peyton will attend East Central Community College, and then pursue his dream of becoming a civil engineer.  After graduating college, Peyton says he would love to get married, move to East Tennessee, have a few kids and retire.

11th Grade Students of the Month - Iman Waldrip and Andrew Coleman

Iman Waldrip is the daughter of Reginald and Seante Waldrip.  Her hobbies include running cross country and track.  Her favorite things to do include being with friends and family and talking on the phone.  Iman says that her favorite things about LHS are being on the Student Advisory Board and participating in sports.  She is looking forward to prom, graduation, and college.  Iman's goals include being on honor roll and becoming an honor graduate next year.  Looking to the future, Iman wants to attend the University of Southern Mississipi and major in nursing.

Andrew Coleman is the son of Andrew Coleman and Laura Coleman.  His hobbies include running, playing basketball, and gaming.  His favorite things to do are playing games, listening to music, learning about economics, and watching youtube. Track and lunch are Andrew's favorite things about LHS.  Andrew says that he spends time thinking about college, the future status of America, and having a meaningful life.  His personal goal is to graduate in the top 3 of his class at LHS.  Andrew's future plans include going to Mississippi State University and majoring in aerospace engineering.

10th Grade Students of the Month - Jadea Shannon and Eric Sudduth

Jadea Shannon is the daughter of the late Christie Gibbs and niece of Teresa Ashford.  Her hobbies include studying and listening to music.  Jadea's favorite things to do include listening to music, spending time with family, and traveling.  She says her favorite thing about LHS is being a member of the Beta Club.  She is looking forward to graduating in two years.  Jadea's future plans include going to college and majoring in Biology.

Eric Sudduth is the son of Shawn and Natali Sudduth.  His hobbies include playing sports, spending time with friends, cooking, and running.  His favorite things to do include running, sleeping, and spending time with friends.  Eric's favorite things about LHS are the teachers, students, and the sports programs.  He says that he is working toward his goals of being an honor graduate and winning a state championship in football and track.  Eric's future plans include going to Ole Miss or Mississippi State and becoming a sports medicine doctor.

9th Grade Students of the Month - Jazmin Taylor and Jordan Harris

Jazmin is the daughter of Valerie Hughes and John Taylor. Her hobbies include listening to music, studying, and watching movies.  Jazmin says her favorite things to do are traveling, listening to music, and shopping. Jazmin says her favorite thing about LHS is the dedication of the teachers.  She says that she wants to graduate as an honor student.  Jazmin plans to go on a road trip following graduation.

Jordan Harris is the son of Barbra Harris and the grandson of Sallie Harris.  His hobbies include cards and card games; however, he says he does not gamble, because he is a gentleman. Jordan says his favorite thing to do is to help others.  His favorite things to do at LHS include writing in Mr. Williams' class and Mr. Womble's Spanish class. Jordan says that one thing he wants to accomplish while at LHS is to become fluent in Spanish.  Jordan's future plans include learning to swim and joining the United States Navy.

Monday, February 1, 2016

9th Grade Students of the Month - Janie Espino and Michael Edmond

Janie Espino is the daughter of Maria Cardenas and Santos Espino.  She likes shopping and spending time with her family.  Janie's favorite sport is soccer, and she says she truly loves it.  She is #10 on the Lady Wildcats Soccer team.  Janie has set the personal goal of graduating with honors and attending Ole Miss to become a trainer.

Michael Edmond is the son of Sara McGee and James Edmond.  Michael has four siblings, Chris, Zaria, Miyana, and Mirical.  He says he enjoys drawing, and he is an Alabama fan.  Michael is a member of TSA and the Robotics team.  Michael wants to be the first black male in NASCAR racing.

10th Grade Student of the Month - Markevious Vaughn

Markevious Vaughn is the son of Thomasina Vaughn and Marquise Wraggs.  His favorite sport is football, and he enjoys being outside.  Markevious says that his favorite thing about Louisville High School is the Vocational Center.  Markevious' future goals include going to college and majoring in sports management.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

11th Grade Students of the Month - Grace Yarbrough and Rashad Triplett

Grace Yarbrough is the daughter of Alfreda Yarbrough and Dexter Yarbrough.  She has two sisters, Taylor and Faith, who have already graduated from LHS.  Grace says that she likes all of her classes, and that her favorite thing about school is getting to see her friends.  Grace wants to graduate from LHS with honors and then attend Mississippi University for Women and pursue a degree in nursing.

Rashad Triplett is the son of Beverly Carter and Willie Carter.  Rashad says that English III is his favorite subject this year.  He also says that he is an artist and has been drawing since he was three years old.  Rashad has been a member of TSA for three years.  After graduation, he plans to attend East Central Community College and Mississippi State University focusing on interior design and architecture.  Rashad adds that he may pursue an art degree.

12th Grade Students of the Month - Genesis Love and Antwon Triplett

Genesis Love is the daughter of Angela Love and Brian Thomas, and she is the granddaughter of Fred and Mary Love.  Genesis aspires to become a life counselor.  After graduation, she plans to attend Meridian Community College and major in early childhood development.  She plans to attend a university after completing her associate degree.  Genesis says that what she loves about Louisville High School is the attachment that she has with her teachers.  She says that she would do whatever she is able to help them, and she says that she is thankful for all of her teachers.  She is especially thankful for the teacher that nominated her for student of the month.

Antwon Triplett is the son of Gloria Clay and Anthony Triplett.  Antwon says "I don't expect everyone to like me, but I do believe everyone deserves an even amount of respect, as long as that person is at least respectful back."  Looking toward the future, Antwon thinks he may want to get a degree in philosophy or technology.

Teacher of the Month - Danielle George

Ms. Danielle George in a new face at LHS this year, and she is our chemistry teacher.  Originally from California, Ms. George earned her bachelor degree from Ole Miss, and she is currently working on her master degree at Mississippi State.  Ms. George is an active member of the faculty and spends many afternoons tutoring chemistry students after school.  She enjoys spending time with her Dad, sister, and her pets.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Campus Cats Fundraiser

The Campus Cats are having a fundraiser!  Please support the Campus Cats, the LHS beautification club, as they are selling "Quote" candles to raise money for campus landscaping projects.  Each candle costs $12, and candles are available in assorted scents.  Please contact Mrs. Robin Jones for more information or to become involved with campus projects.  The ordering deadline for "Quote" candles is Friday February 5.