Saturday, October 24, 2015

10th Grade Students of the Month - Amaya Glass and Tyrique Carter

Amaya Glass is the daughter of Ashley Glass-Williams and Marcus Williams.  Amaya says that she loves chocolate, and that she loves to eat and "to sleep all day".  She adds that she likes to read sometimes.  Amaya enjoys the chocolate chip cookies and morning break at LHS.  She is a member of the Drama Club and Beta.  After high school,  Amaya wants to attend Harvard School of Law and become a lawyer.

Tyrique Carter is the son of Africa Carter.  Tyrique likes to draw and play football, but he says he loves to laugh.  Although he is sometimes shy, Tyrique says that he is open to anyone.  His favorite foods are hot wings and pop tarts.  He was in the Beta Club last year.  Tyrique enjoys morning break and Mr. Daniels' art class at LHS.  Tyrique wants to attend Mississippi State University and study to become either an athletic trainer or a coach.