Thursday, September 17, 2015

Teacher of the Month - Lauren Boudreaux Howell

Mrs. Howell has been teaching at Louisville High School for two years, and she teaches Freshman and Junior English.  Originally from Abbeville, Louisiana where she graduated at the top of her class, Mrs. Howell received her Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education from Mississippi State University in 2013.  Her hobbies include reading, spending time with family and friends, and cooking.  Mrs. Howell enjoys working with the youth of Louisville to help them in becoming strong, independent individuals and productive citizens in their community.  Mrs. Howell currently resides in Starkville with her husband Christofer and dog Luna.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

12th Grade Students of the Month - Montana Eichelberger and Sir Michael Frazier

Montana Eichelberger is the daughter of Paul and Rita Eichelberger.  Montana represents Louisville High School as a cheerleader,  and member of the Colorguard and Pride of Louisville marching band.  She also plays soccer and tennis.  She is a member of the LHS and Mississippi Student Advisory Boards, and she is an active member of the Mayor's Youth Council.  Montana's favorite hobbies include singing, dancing, reading, and having fun.  Montana wants to pursue her dreams in becoming a forensic psychiatrist.

Sir Michael Frazier is the son of Anitra Frazier.  Michael represents Louisville High School in both academics and athletics, and he is a member of the Wildcat football team.  Michael says, "I appreciate all of my teachers for all of their patience and time that they take out for us crazy kids each and every day.  They choose to be a teacher out of 1,000,000 things to do in this world.  That's an achievement in itself.  It's really a miracle for us all.  Where would we all be without a teacher to teach us.  Who knows?"

11th Grade Students of the Month - Emaree Stone and Aveian Hardin

Emaree Stone is the daughter of Carl and Cyndy Stone.  She is the pitcher for the Louisville High School softball team.  She is also a member of the Student Advisory Board.  Emaree hopes to go to college and play softball while earning a degree in kinesiology.

Aveian Hardin is the son of Shakema Lewis.  Aveian loves to design, build, and innovate anything that deals with wood.  He is a dedicated trombonist and baritone player in the Pride of Louisville marching band.  He loves anything that deals with science and music.  Aveian plans to attend East Mississippi Community College and play in the Lion's band while studying meteorology.

10th Grade Students of the Month - Tykeia Hathorn and Santos Espino

Tykeia Hathorn is the daughter of Coysheena Mitchell and granddaughter of Vernal Lampley.  She loves to draw, sing, read, and take pictures of nature.  Tykeia also loves sweatshirts, tacos, and books.  Tykeia is a member of the Pride of Louisville marching band, and she loves all types of music.  Her only pet is her kitten named KeKe.  Tykeia wants to attend the University of Mississippi.  Tykeia wants to be the conductor for an orchestra one day.

Santos Espino, Jr. is the son of Maria Cardenas and Santos Espino.  Santos represents Louisville High School as a member of the soccer, football, and cross country teams.  Santos also serves on the Student Advisory Board.  When speaking of himself, he says, "I am a Hispanic, kind, athletic, and jokeful guy".  Santos is determined to achieve his goal of becoming an electrical engineer.

9th Grade Students of the Month - Maya Glass and Clint Dooley

Maya Clay is the daughter of Walter and Dante King.  At LHS, Maya is a cheerleader, the 9th grade Class President, and a member of the Student Council, Student Advisory Board, and the Pride of Louisville marching band.  She finds time to keep academics first along with her faith in the Lord.  Maya says "I smile, because life is worth the battle".

Clint Dooley is the son of Rusty and Sharon Dooley.  Clint enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his friends.  Clint's goal is to attend Ole Miss, where he wants to major in English and earn a Master Degree.  In the future he would like to have his short stories published.