Thursday, October 16, 2014

National Technology Student Association Busy at LHS

Shaquarius Rayford, 2014-2015 Louisville High School TSA
chapter president, has been a member for three wonderful years. Since joining she has made incredible friends and long lasting memories. From district competition to state conference she has won several awards and scholarships in events such as Video Game Design, Engineering Design, and Chapter Team. TSA has taught her to be a confident leader and believe in herself. Living in the new age technical world she will have future challenges to face, but thanks to TSA and its motto: “Learning to Live in a Technical World” she will be prepared.

On behalf of Ms. Rayford, the LHS TSA chapter, and all of its supporting members and advisors, we would like to inform you that the past week of October 6, 2014 – October 10, 2014, was National Technology Student Association (TSA) Week. Our mission is to promote growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 

Events for the semester will include TSA Fall Kick Off Conference on October 31 in Jackson, at the CM Brewer (FFA) Center. On November 6 the LHS TSA chapter will be competing in Digital Dawg Byte, a high school technology competition, held on the Mississippi State University campus. This year Louisville TSA chapter will once again be helping with the Toys for TOTs foundation and raising money for our national service project with the American Cancer Society. 

From us to you, please help us celebrate. Spread the word to parents, teachers, and community members. Like TSA on Facebook, Follow TSA on Twitter (@NationalTSA), and Follow TSA on Instagram (@NationalTSA)