Sunday, September 29, 2013

Open Letter to Parents/Guardians on New Rules on Attendance

This information was provided by Louisville Elementary Principal Belinda Swart but applies to all students and schools in the District.

Dear Parents or Guardians:
The Mississippi legislature enacted House Bill #1530 during the 2013 Session that states a student absent for more than 37% of his/her unique instruction day is to be considered absent for the entire school day.  
“MDE has interpreted that the intent of the House Bill NO.1530 is to calculate 63% of the individual student’s instruction day, not 63% of the school’s instructional day.  Each individual student’s instructional day will vary based upon the local school board’s policy for early release of high school students, IEPs, dual cred/dual enrollment, participation in extra-curricular activities, etc.”
Throughout a student’s school day, most of the student’s time is spent being instructed.  However, there are a few exceptions such as recess, lunch, and between classes.  Depending upon the grade and teacher, each child has a different instructional schedule.  Basically, in order to be considered present, a child must be in attendance for 63% of their instructional day.  If not, a child will be considered absent.
Also, please notice that the Louisville Municipal School District handbook policy clearly states that a parent or guardian cannot sign a student out of school after 2:00 without proof of a doctor’s appointment.  Please make sure you are following the policy.  
Thanks for your help.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Showing Some Homecoming Spirit at LHS!!!

Teachers and students were asked to show their spirit by decorating their classroom doors and creating a field exhibit for the Homecoming game against Columbus.
Mrs. Jackie Hathorn's door won first place. The 9th grade class field exhibit won first place. Congratulations!

1st Place Door

1st Place Field Exhibit

Ms Higginbotham Recognized by Walmart and the District at Teacher's Reception

Walmart teamed up with the Louisville Municipal School District to recognize and reward teachers with their 2013 Teachers Reward Program.  The nationwide program rewards teachers from 3rd grade to 8th for their excellence in the classroom. The District kicked in for Ms. Carol Higginbotham for her great work at Louisville High: Congrats to Ms Higginbotham and thanks for all you do!!
Gwenita Mays from Walmart, Ms. Higginbotham and Superintendent McMullan

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What are LHS Students Doing Today?

Students, Victoria Burt and Taylor Yarbrough, are pictured giving blood at the Student Council sponsored Blood Drive.

Mrs. Mays's English classes are busy doing research in the library.

Mr. Teske's Physics students are finding density of irregular objects!

See LHS 2013 Homecoming Court

Freshman Maid: Monifah Haynes and Grace Yarbrough
Sophomore Maid: Jordan Sellers and Zoria Nicholson
Junior Maid: Raven Minor and Faith Yarbrough
Senior Maid: Nydia Thames and Aries Miller
Ladies in Waiting: Taylor Yarbrough and Dasha Harrington

Homecoming Queen: Latesha Yarbrough

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Students Carry Mississippi Glowing Cross for Christ September 8th-9th 2013

 October 27th, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Mission Mississippi, a racial and denominational reconciliation ministry based in Jackson. To celebrate, Mission Mississippi asked the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to team up to tackle the huge vision of carrying a lighted cross across the entire state of Mississippi on foot. On August 7th at the steps of the Capitol, beginning with the Governor, the cross began its journey across the state. Making its way through all 82 counties in 82 days, the cross stops at each county for a service and a ceremonial passing of the cross. The cross, designed by Nissan to be lightweight and lighted, will make its way through the state, carried by the students of local Fellowship of Christian Athlete (FCA) chapters, and will come full circle back around to Jackson for a statewide rally on October 27th. The rally will be held at Veterans Memorial Stadium at 5:00 PM and every county is invited and encouraged to come. The schedule as local students carry the cross through Winston County follows: