Friday, August 30, 2013

LHS Review Staff Article - Meet Our New Teachers

I would like to introduce one of our new teachers, Miss Brandy Burnett. She is from Louisville, MS. She is not married, has no children and is 32 years old. She got her Bachelors and Masters Degree at Mississippi State University. The reason she became a teacher is the great teachers she had in high school. She has always wanted to be a Biology Teacher.

Our newest teacher is Mrs. Jamie Allison Walters.
She’s married to Chris Walters. She’s the age of thirty. She’s from Atchison, Kansas. She attended college at Northeast Missouri State University. There she played golf and basketball. She had to take Old English, British Literature, and American Renaissance Literature. She teaches Accelerated English I and English II. She was inspired to become a teacher because of doing a mentor reading program at college with high school students. She’s a wonderful and intelligent English teacher, and she loves what she’s teaching.

Mrs. Muscolino likes teaching at LHS. She comes from Neshoba Central High School. She attended college at Mississippi State University. She teaches Geometry on the Long Humanities hall (9th grade hall). She came to LHS to teach because she says it is close to home, and the staff and students are wonderful. She wanted to teach Geometry because it combines the best of Algebra with possibilities for cool projects. She teaches to about 110 students in all her classes. Geometry is her favorite subject, but she also enjoys reading.

Mrs. Adrienne Smitherman is new to Louisville High School but not to Louisville Municipal District. She used to teach for Eiland Middle School. She teaches Geometry and Algebra 2. Mrs. Smitherman is married to Will Smitherman. She currently has no children at this time. She chooses to teach math because her favorite subject in school was math. She likes teaching because she likes changing a student’s life in a positive way.

One of the newest teachers is Mrs. Rena Adriel Perry Hickman. She’s married to Mr. Andre Hickman, and she has three children whose names are Adrian, Ariana, and Rehyana. She is thirty-three, born and raised here in Louisville, MS. Her freshman year, she attended Parkland College in Champaign, IL. Afterwards, she came back and attended East Central Community College; there she received her A.S. Degree in Sports Medicine. She continued her education at the University of Southern Miss, where she received her B.S. Degree in athletic training. Her inspiration in becoming a teacher is her love for the youth. She enjoys being around children, and instilling positive values within them. Besides, they keep her young. Her inspiration for special education is her youngest daughter. She has Down syndrome and watching her grow and learn over the years has really pushed her to see those other think can’t learn, persevere. She teaches 11th grade inclusion where her focus is social studies. She’s the cheer sponsor. The position was a surprise to her; she has a great group of girls whom she has really grown to love and truly keeps her on her toes. She said, “With any new position, there are many challenges and obstacles to face, especially coming into an environment where you’ll face so many different personalities.” She also said, “I’m looking forward to adjusting and making new friends, new memories and knowing all the kids.”